Step 3 40%

Want to know why this is the best possible course on Sketchup & Vray ever existed?

Don't worry, Here is what you'll get inside the course...

Module 1: Starting with Softwares

  • Introduction to the  Course.
  • Software Installation With All Links.
  • Explaining Basics Of Sketchup.
  • Explaining Important Tools in Sketchup.

Module 2: How to Design a House in Sketchup

  • Importing Materials and Products.
  • How to make walls from floor plan.
  • How to Import a Floor Plan Of House.
  • Creating a House Model From Floor Plan.
  • Creating and Importing Furniture and Lights.
  • Creating Complete Interiors and Exteriors.
  • Creating entry and stairs.

Module 3: Components from 3D Warehouse

  • Make  a unique component.
  • Exploring 3D Warehouse.
  • Furnitures and Beauty Objects addition.
  • Adding other interior objects.

Module 4: Install Vray Render Software

  • Learn about various types of lights and lighting techniques.
  • Learn about vray library and how to add real life materials.

Module 5: Adding Details to the Design.

  • Adding  Environment Details.
  • Adding Materials.
  • Adding Vray Lights.
  • Learn to add Decorative Features
  • Configuring Vray Settings For Best Output.
  • Fast Render Settings.

Module 6: Realstic Rendering View.

  • Deep details that make render like a photo.
  • Adding super detailing and rough edges to emulate real world.