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Sketchup + Vray Course Topics

  1. Introduction to SketchUp and Vray:

    • Overview of SketchUp and Vray
    • Installing and setting up SketchUp and Vray
    • Navigating the SketchUp and Vray interfaces
  2. Basic 3D Modeling Techniques in SketchUp:

    • Understanding the 3D modeling process in SketchUp
    • Using basic drawing and modeling tools
    • Creating and editing groups and components
  3. Creating an Interior Design in SketchUp:

    • Planning and setting up your interior design
    • Creating walls, doors, and windows
    • Adding furniture and fixtures to your design
  4. Creating an Exterior Design in SketchUp:

    • Planning and setting up your exterior design
    • Creating building structures and landscape elements
    • Adding details like trees, plants, and outdoor furniture
  5. Introduction to Rendering with Vray:

    • Understanding the rendering process in Vray
    • Setting up Vray for SketchUp
    • Navigating the Vray interface
  6. Materials and Textures in Vray:

    • Understanding Vray's material and texture system
    • Creating and applying custom materials and textures
    • Working with Vray's material editor
  7. Lighting in Vray:

    • Understanding Vray's lighting options
    • Creating realistic lighting effects for interior and exterior designs
    • Working with daylight and artificial light sources
  8. Rendering Your Designs in Vray:

    • Setting up cameras and render settings for your designs
    • Creating high-quality renderings of your interior and exterior designs
    • Using Vray's post-processing tools to enhance your renderings
  9. Best Practices for Designing and Rendering in SketchUp and Vray:

    • Tips and tricks for creating realistic and visually appealing designs and renderings
    • Optimizing your workflow for efficiency
    • Troubleshooting common issues in SketchUp and Vray

Autocad Course Topics

  1. Introduction to AutoCAD:

    • Overview of AutoCAD
    • Installing and setting up AutoCAD
    • Navigating the AutoCAD interface
  2. Basic 2D Drawing Techniques:

    • Understanding the 2D drawing process in AutoCAD
    • Using basic drawing tools like lines, circles, and rectangles
    • Working with layers and blocks
  3. Creating a 2D Floor Plan:

    • Planning and setting up your floor plan
    • Drawing walls, doors, and windows
    • Adding furniture and fixtures to your floor plan
  4. Dimensioning and Annotation:

    • Adding dimensions to your floor plan
    • Creating and editing text annotations
    • Using leaders and callouts to add additional information
  5. Basic 3D Modeling Techniques:

    • Understanding the 3D modeling process in AutoCAD
    • Creating basic 3D shapes
    • Using the Extrude, Revolve, and Sweep commands
  6. Creating a 3D Floor Plan:

    • Converting your 2D floor plan into a 3D model
    • Adding 3D details like furniture and fixtures
    • Applying materials and textures to your 3D model
  7. Rendering and Visualization:

    • Understanding the rendering process in AutoCAD
    • Setting up cameras and lights for your 3D model
    • Creating high-quality renderings of your 3D floor plan
  8. Printing and Exporting Your Floor Plans:

    • Setting up layouts for printing
    • Printing your 2D floor plans and 3D renderings
    • Exporting your floor plans and renderings for use in other software
  9. Best Practices for Creating Floor Plans in AutoCAD:

    • Tips and tricks for creating accurate and visually appealing floor plans
    • Optimizing your workflow for efficiency
    • Troubleshooting common issues in AutoCAD
  10. Final Project:

  • Applying what you've learned to create a complete 2D and 3D floor plan from start to finish

Lumion Course Topics

  1. Introduction to Lumion:

    • Overview of Lumion
    • Installing and setting up Lumion
    • Navigating the Lumion interface
  2. Importing and Setting Up Your Model:

    • Importing models from other software
    • Setting up your scene in Lumion
    • Applying materials and textures to your model
  3. Creating the Environment:

    • Using Lumion's landscape and environment tools
    • Adding trees, plants, and other environmental elements
    • Working with Lumion's weather and lighting effects
  4. Camera Techniques:

    • Setting up cameras in Lumion
    • Creating camera paths for your video
    • Using depth of field and other camera effects
  5. Animating Objects and People:

    • Adding animated objects and people to your scene
    • Using Lumion's animation tools
    • Synchronizing animations with your camera path
  6. Rendering Your Video:

    • Understanding the video rendering process in Lumion
    • Setting up render settings for your video
    • Rendering your video in Lumion
  7. Post-Production:

    • Importing your rendered video into video editing software
    • Adding music, voiceovers, and other audio
    • Adding titles, transitions, and other video effects
  8. Best Practices for Video Rendering in Lumion:

    • Tips and tricks for creating high-quality videos in Lumion
    • Optimizing your workflow for efficiency
    • Troubleshooting common issues in Lumion

Enscape + VR 360° Course Topics

        1. Introduction to Enscape:

          • Overview of Enscape
          • Installing and setting up Enscape
          • Navigating the Enscape interface
        2. Basic Rendering Techniques:

          • Understanding the rendering process in Enscape
          • Setting up a basic scene for rendering
          • Adjusting lighting and materials for rendering
        3. Advanced Rendering Techniques:

          • Using Enscape assets to enhance your scene
          • Working with Enscape's real-time rendering feature
          • Creating panoramic and VR renderings
        4. Lighting in Enscape:

          • Understanding Enscape's lighting options
          • Creating realistic lighting effects
          • Working with daylight and artificial light sources
        5. Materials in Enscape:

          • Understanding Enscape's material system
          • Creating and applying custom materials
          • Working with Enscape's material editor
        6. Post-Processing in Enscape:

          • Using Enscape's built-in post-processing options
          • Adjusting color, contrast, and other image properties
          • Adding effects like depth of field and lens flare
        7. Animation in Enscape:

          • Creating basic animations in Enscape
          • Exporting animations for use in other applications
        8. Best Practices for Enscape Rendering:

          • Tips and tricks for achieving high-quality renderings
          • Optimizing your workflow for efficiency

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I recently purchased your course access and they have transform d my approach to design projects. The attention to detail in the interior design course is outstanding. I feel much more confident now. Thank you
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This architectural courses exceeded my expectations. It not only explained the principles but also gave real-life examples. Exceptional content and beautifully presented. A must-have for architects.
Ria Choudhary
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Your courses provide a holistic approach to design. It’s not just about aesthetics but also about functionality. I appreciate the emphasis on creating spaces that are not only beautiful but also usable.
Sanjay Gupta
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I have been in the interior design industry for years, and your courses have refreshed my perspective. The innovative ideas have added a new dimension to my projects. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.
Aryan Mehta
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I am an aspiring architect and these courses have been my guiding light. The step-by-step guides are incredibly helpful. I can’t wait to implement the knowledge gained. A heartfelt thank you
Pooja Verma
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Your course are like a design Masterclass! The tips and tricks shared in the exterior design section were a game-changer for my home’s curb appeal. I’m genuinely impressed. Well done
Rohit Choudhary
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Ananya Dasgupta
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Ritu Singhania
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Pranav Agarwal
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I am an architect and I’m always on the lookout for fresh ideas. Your courses delivered just that. The creativity showcased is remarkable. I’ve incorporated some concepts into my recent project.
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